Anne-Sophie has spent most of her working life in Brussels. As a militant feminist she sees a society that is built upon differences. “But political awareness is on the rise. Social and environmental problems are being addressed while artistic forms of expression push freedom of thought forward.”

Anna sophie
Anne Sophie
Anne Sophie
Anne Sophie

Yes, of course, men and women are different. We are different in the way we think, act, and feel. Not to mention our bodies, which are very much alike and yet so distinct. That is just the way things are, and I honestly don’t see why that should be a problem. Sit two women down, compare them, and you will notice more differences than similarities. The same goes for men. Every human being is an individual and I love it.

By extent, our society is built upon differences. The socio-economical ones bother me the most. One of the biggest problems I see, is the amount of value that is attributed to occupations that require physical strength. How is that fair? When it comes down to labour that is physically demanding, surely you cannot expect women and men to be capable of the same?

Anne Sophie

It is obvious that how we evaluate the type of work one does, is crooked. Professions, where women are highly represented, are often undervalued and underpaid. Think of the low wages for people working in cleaning, healthcare, the clothing industry, and so on.

In my personal life, I have been less affected by inequality. I am a militant feminist and enjoyed a proper education. I always had a roof above my head and I have always been the one to decide how I wanted to shape my future. A life of privilege... I am well aware that millions of people are denied such freedom.

Yet I remain hopeful. I truly am confident that everyone can contribute to a better world where absolute freedom of thought is the norm. Yes, political awareness is on the rise, and the media has taken up its role. Social and environmental problems are being addressed. Artistic forms of expression push freedom of thought forward.

But the struggle continues, day after day.

There is this Dutch saying that goes, “You hold your life in your hands.” I think that is true. We are in control of our fate, we hold it in our very own hands, but we need to remind ourselves of that over and over again.

Think about it, every day.”